Anyone who has been hanging out on social media is aware from the flood of photos on their feed that the past few days have been dedicated to loving on the kids in the family. September 25 marked National Daughters Day—and the resulting stream of girl-child photos—followed by September 28 to honor the sons in the mix.

Luke Bryan, of course, has nothing but sons (12-year-old Bo and 10-year-old Tate), as well as the custodianship of his teenage nephew Til (who lost his mother, Bryan's sister, in 2007, and his father in 2014). So there was nothing for him to do but tribute his tribe of boys to mark the occasion of National Sons Day.

"Happy #nationalsonsday to these three knuckleheads," Bryan posted to social media, showing off a photo of all his boys dressed for a day in the great outdoors garbed in camo gear.

Bryan's wife, Caroline, upped the ante with a few more photos of the trio, playfully terming them her "little headaches" but assuring fans she is the "proudest Mom/Auntie ever."

Fans well know that the Bryan family are a crazy bunch who cannot seem to stop pranking each other, which we would have to say is the perfect environment for preteen and teenage boys. The shenanigans going on in the Bryan household are likely keeping Luke busy as he waits out the current pandemic and looks forward to another season of judging American Idol in 2021—for which auditions have already started but no date has been announced yet.

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