Luke Bryan's newest single 'Drink a Beer' is poignant and incredibly personal. Still, it seems fitting that he would debut it on country music's biggest night, at the 2013 CMA Awards. And, he'll have some talented help onstage from the one and only Chris Stapleton

Bryan will be dedicating his performance on Wednesday to his brother Chris and sister Kelly, whom he lost in 1996 and 2007, respectively. The singer recently opened up about the tragedies, displaying a much more emotional and personal side to country music's funny guy. At the 2013 ACM Awards, country fans were touched when he choked up while accepting Entertainer of the Year, and he later admitted he was thinking of his siblings.

'Drink a Beer' is deeply emotional, and gives a musical element to what Bryan felt when his siblings passed away. “This is the coolest sad song ever,” says the star.  “It holds a special place in my heart and I am honored the writers allowed me to record it.”

The tune was written by Jim Beavers and Chris Stapleton, and the latter also sang background vocals on the album track. His connection to the song is obvious, from penning the song to helping record it, and it seems only fitting that Stapleton would take the stage with the country star to debut this emotional song live.

The songwriter was touched by Bryan's invitation to sing at the 2013 CMAs. "Luke asked me to sing on the track for his new album, and we've performed it live together, but I'm especially honored he asked me to stand up there with him on the CMAs on Wednesday night," Stapleton remarks.

That won't be the only thing on Bryan's agenda for the 2013 CMA Awards. With a morning performance on 'Good Morning America,' the slot to open up the awards with 'That's My Kind of Night,' a performance of 'Drink a Beer' and the possibility of three awards, including EoTY, it will be a tiring and exhilarating night for the fan-favorite singer.

The 2013 CMA Awards kick off Nov. 6 at 8PM ET on ABC.


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