Campus life in colleges across America will look different when students return to the fall. LSU is no exception.

While life, as we all know it, will one day return to normal, it's likely going to take a while before we even approach that point. In mid-March, life for Louisianians changed drastically as the businesses we love closed, and our children's schools shut down a couple of months early.

I don't know about you guys, but COVID-19 has changed my life so much, I now grimace a little bit every time I'm watching TV and see people shake hands. We think about life with and after COVID-19 on a daily basis, but what exactly will our future look like when we get further down the road towards normal.

For students, things will certainly be strange come Fall. I imagine schools all across our state, and all grades and levels will make mandatory changes for students and parents to follow. One of those changes will most definitely be masks.

LSU's interim president, Thomas Galligan, expects all students to wear masks while on campus and around others at the Univerisity. He says, "If we can’t be physically distant, we are going to wear masks. In the classroom, we are going to wear masks. In meetings we are going to wear masks.”

Galligan also noted that it's completely within the realm of possibilities that masks will be mandatory inside Tiger Stadium, saying, "I am on a weekly call with all the SEC presidents and we talk about exactly this, and again, it is all going to be safety based so stay tuned.”


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