Personally, I'm a fan of this move.

LSU has now began enforcing a policy that over 6,000 fraternities across the US have adopted. No hard liquor can be present at their fraternity events and gatherings.

Of course, this policy gained popularity after the unfortunate passing of Max Gruver, who died last fall after being forced to chug 190 proof alcohol. This was done as part of his fraternity initiation.

LSU Dean of Students, Mari Fuentes-Martin, says they've considered this for a while, and finally got everyone on board to start this year. She says, "All of our sororities and fraternities have been trained about these standards and what is expected. We also are having training with our other 400 student organizations on the same information.”

Of course, non-liquor based alcoholic beverages will still be permitted.

What are your thoughts in regards to this new policy?

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