This might be surprising to you...

The big day of love is just about here. Valentine's Day comes each year on February 14 with love for all. Whether you celebrate with that special someone, your girlfriends or even your dog, it's a day anyone can look forward to. For me, it's an excuse to eat a large meal (loaded with carbs) before settling onto the couch with a box of assorted chocolates.


Recently Refinery29 revealed the top Google searches for Valentine's Day in each state. Essentially this has turned into a list of everyone's plans. For example, Montana's biggest search is "how to cook lobster tail." So, it's safe to assume that people in Montana are staying in to cook lobster.

How about Louisiana?

Looks like we're all headed to Hooters. No, seriously. Hooters is the most popular search for Valentine's Day in the entire state. I mean, I hear they have good wings... right?

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