President Donald Trump's campaign hat is a huge hit, huge.  Seriously, these things are still more popular than Wonder Woman fidget spinners, and the election is super-over.  If you went to Wal-Mart right now, I bet my last dollar you see way more folks wearing these hats than people wearing appropriate-sized yoga pants.

Whoever is making these hats is making a killing!  According to Bloomberg, that whoever is Ace Specialties Inc. in Lafayette, Louisiana.  That's right, a company right here in the Bayou State is raking in those cold hard republican-spent dollars, and CEO Christl Mahfouz says her company will hit the 1 million hat mark this summer!  On top of that, Mahfouz says that every hat sold on the official website is made in America!  USA, USA!

While the prolific MAGA hat has surely made the company big bucks, it's far from the only cash they have made from Donny's rise to the White House.  Do you remember how many campaign signs covered the area (and country) during the last election?  All made by the same company.  Button, T-shirts, Christmas ornaments, etc?  Yup, those too!  To this date, Ace has received more than $21 million, and it shows no sign of stopping. Who knew that a joint fundraising effort for the president’s campaign and the Republican National Committee would end up being a fashion statement?

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