Have you ever watched a video and instantly known you are going straight for the comment section?

A TikTok user by the name of Crawking has posted two videos that have a lot of Lousiananas very heated. Apparently, there are some serious rules when it comes to eating crawfish that we have not discussed and now we need to have "the talk" Louisiana style.

Jenniveve84, Thinkstock
Jenniveve84, Thinkstock

Is It Acceptable to Eat Crawfish in the Car?

I know how bad my clothes and hands smell after a hot date eating crawfish. I can not imagine what a vehicle would smell like after a "quick crawfish session". It seems so uncomfortable eating crawfish in a car. I need a whole 8-foot table when I eat crawfish.

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The Crawking wants us to worry about ourselves when it comes to seeing him eat crawfish in his car. I wonder what it was like for the person who got into his car right after this.

I Can't Overlook the Car Crawfish Eating Just Like the Rest of Louisianans.

So let's add car crawfish eating to the list of "Absolutely not" in Louisiana.

@crawking SIZE MATTERS #Crawfish #Food #Eating #Seafood #Love #life #Shrimp #Corn #Lmao #Fun ♬ original sound -


Is It Normal to Eat Crawfish Shells?

Crawking is eating crawfish in its entirety. Like, this man is eating the shells like they're Doritos. It sounds just like he's crunching on chips.

One TikTok user said, "Born and raised in Louisiana and this is the first time I have ever seen someone eat the whole thing.". Another TikTok user asked, "So just to be clear... people don't eat the shell right? I was worried I have been doing it wrong."

There were some users who stepped in to defend the shell eating saying our stomachs are strong enough to dissolve the shell. I will pass on the shell rating.

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