Get ready Ark-La-Tex, the hands-down craziest driving season is upon us!  The holiday driving season is nuts, and now we have proof that it's worse here than in most of the country. has just released their annual rankings on the nation's best and worst holiday driving, and a pretty good chunk of the Ark-La-Tex landed on the naughty side of the list.

The data was collected over the recent Thanksgiving holiday, and is used as a sort of guide as to what to expect for Christmas.  While trying to navigate Airline Drive in Bossier City after 5 in order to do a little shopping can be extremely testing, these rankings don't take that kind of driving nightmare into account.  This information is focused on the drive to and from your destination for the holiday, and not on the preparation.  That being said, get ready for a stressful drive as Louisiana came in at #4 on the national list of states with the most "Agressive Holiday Drivers."  These are hotheads that accelerate quickly, brake hard, and love to speed on their way to grandma's house for the holidays.  Louisiana does not, however, take the highest position in our corner of the world - Texas came in at #3.

Honestly, our southern manners don't seem to be showing on the roadways.  The south dominates the top 5, With Georgia taking the top spot and South Carolina coming in at #5.  California came in at #2, but everything is so expensive there - I kinda get it. I'd be angry too.  Check out the rest of the list here.

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