Police in Baton Rouge arrested Shafeeq Syid Shamsid Deen, the principal at Laurel Oaks Charter School for cruelty to a juvenile, which is a felony, and false imprisonment. Deen is accused of locking a 5 year old in a closet near the cafeteria for a time out. USNews says according to the arrest warrant Deen told the little girl "go into the closet with the spiders and if she screamed he would turn the lights off."

USNews says Laurel Oaks has released the following statement "Laurel Oaks Charter School is committed to the safety and well-being of all students, Any action that would constitute a crime or result in neglect of a child has never been the policy at Laurel Oaks Charter School and is currently not the policy."

The child had only been in school at the time of the incident for 12 days.

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