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Every once in a while, you see a story so bizarre that it's hard to wrap your mind around. This is one of those stories.

According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, 'no foul play' is suspected in the death of Georgia businessman Nathan Millard. You're probably thinking "what's so unusual about that? People die under unusual circumstances all the time".

Well, here's why makes this case so bizarre: Millard was found behind a closed funeral home wrapped in a rug and plastic. And let's back up even further, Millard was in Baton Rouge on business. He took his client to an LSU basketball game and a bar. Police were able to track his movements throughout the night he went missing, and according to all accounts, he did not appear to be in 'any distress'.

So, what happened? 11 days after his disappearance he was found dead wrapped in a carpet & plastic wrap. Officials say that there were no signs of internal or external trauma. However, they do believe that his body was moved after he died. Right now, police are still awaiting toxicology results but believe Millard may have died from an accidental drug overdose.

Police are urging the last people to see Millard alive to come forward. "If something happened and there was a moment of panic, come forward, we just want to know what happened to him" said Captain Heinz from the Special Victims Unit.

We hope some clarity comes to this case and they figure out what happened. There's so many unanswered questions and his family need some answers.

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