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Did you know that there's a park where you can 'bare' it all just five hours from Shreveport, LA? Yep! You can find Indian Hills Nudist Park just outside of New Orleans in Slidell, LA. Their slogan is, 'Keeping Louisiana Nude Since 1971.'

The park is open to anyone 18+ who wants to explore the freedom of nudity and naturism in a judgment-free environment. And just so you know, you can't just 'dip your toe' in. Nudity is REQUIRED in the pool and clubhouse areas. However, photography and anything of a sexual nature in public are prohibited if that makes you feel more confident. After all, Indian Hills is a member of AANR, the American Association for Nude Recreation, so they take these things seriously!

So, if body acceptance and liberation are what you're after, you can book the 'No Tan Lines' cabin for just $140 a night. If you're feeling really adventurous, you can stay in the 'Tiger's Den' for as low as $75 per night. 

Google Maps
Google Maps
loading... touts Indian Hills as Louisiana's only nudist 'destination' with a rating of 4/5 with 11 reviews. While I don't think I could ever be uninhibited enough to visit a place like Indian Hills, my hats off to those who are! (BTW, after further reading, you are allowed to wear a hat in the pool area, but that's it!)

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