There are all kinds of criminals in Louisiana, so pretty much all but the worst fly under the radar.  You either have to be a heinous murderer, high-volume drug dealer/smuggler, or complete idiot to make the news.  The guy in the mugshot above definitely falls into the latter category.

According to, Rory Guidry was arrested this past weekend after allegedly stealing an ambulance from the Lady of the Sea Hospital in Cut Off.  When St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office deputies spotted the pilfered paramedic vehicle, they arrested the 33-year-old Golden Meadow resident on the spot.  Not only did this rocket surgeon steal an extremely recognizable vehicle, the next step of his master plan put the icing on the cake.  Before he was arrested, Guidry's plan was to sneak aboard a plane headed to Japan.

No word on what was on this super-villain's itinerary once he made it to the Land of the Rising Sun.  He is currently in custody and is charged with theft of a motor vehicle.  He's being held on a $50,000 bond.

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