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A  26-year-old Louisiana man is facing some serious charges this morning after what seems to be a bad breakup that escalated into alleged violence and kidnapping.

Close-up. Arrested man handcuffed

A Desperate Call to 911 in Washington Parish Led Deputies to the Kidnapped Women

According to a report from BRProud, Franklinton, Louisiana resident Jonathan Daniel Spears was arrested over the weekend.  A frantic 911 call led deputies with the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office to investigate a home on Lee Street.  When officers arrived, they reportedly found two unnamed females who claimed that they had been assaulted and held captive by Spears.


This Louisiana Man is Behind Bars For Allegedly Holding 2 Women Against their Will

Mr. Spears was immediately apprehended and charged with: Domestic battery with strangulation, simple battery, and two counts of false imprisonment.  He is currently being held in the Washington Parish Jail, with a bond set at $500.

According to the statement from Sheriff Randy Seal:

A relationship gone sour is no excuse for physical violence against anyone.  This situation had the potential to escalate if our deputy had not arrived and taken control. I appreciate his quick response to defuse the situation before any person was harmed further.

The Data Says: As Bad as This Was - It Could Have Ended Much Worse

The data absolutely backs up Sheriff Seal's fears.  According to the watchdogs at the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, our state currently ranks 5th nationwide in terms of female homicides.  According to their data, more than 9 out of every 10 women murdered in Louisiana are killed by a man they know(92%).  As terrible as this situation is reported to have been, these ladies were lucky that deputies showed up when they did.

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