Living in Shreveport Feels Like We Have the Most Billboards Promoting Lawyers.

Until I drove through Baton Rouge I was convinced no one did billboard like we do here in Shreveport.

If You Live in Shreveport-Bossier You Know the Name Gordon McKernan.

You can't drive down I-20 without seeing a billboard telling you to call an attorney—mainly injury attorneys. The one name that we have all come to know because he seems to buy every other billboard on I-20, and no it doesn't matter what part of Louisiana you are in, you'll spot Gordon.

"Got Gordon" Just Got Ditched for Barbie Pink.

When did Gordon McKernan get a six-pack and an excellent tan? Is he surfing now? Okay, we aren't mad at this Photoshop job at all. Yes, pink fever has taken over America, and clearly, someone in the Gordon camp knows what will make us turn our heads, a big pink billboard.

When Gordon Isn't Rocking Pink Billboards He is All About Purple and Gold.

He is a huge fan of LSU and jumps in and gets in on all the action. Remember when he purchased 8,888 Rally Shots at Rocco's during the College World Series?

Gordon also sat down with NCAA Champion LSU Women’s Basketball Player Angel Reese to enjoy a meal and we aren't mad

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