We hear bad news about Louisiana all of the time.  Whether it's kicking nursing home residents out of their houses, being voted the worst state in the nation for kids, the brain eating amoeba, or any of several depressing and negative stories we see every day - this state takes a beating!  That's why I love it when something awesome happens in this state.  Amid all of the chaos, the residents of the Bayou State are doing something incredible - they are going back to work in record numbers!  That may not seem like much compared to a microorganism that literally eats your brain, but these are some historic numbers!

The Louisiana Workforce Commission has released new numbers that show our misunderstood state is making huge strides in employment.  The new report shows that employment is at the second highest mark since the inception of the data collection program in March of 2016.  Two years may not seem like much, but the new numbers make it clear that the state is on a positive trend in terms of employment.

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