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Ready to break out? Experience something new? Get yourself out of a rut? Try these totally unique, interactive Airbnb experiences right here in Louisiana!

Imagine my surprise when I ran across the 'experiences' option while browsing Airbnb! I had about it and had been looking for something to do that was out of the ordinary. All of these things are unique to our state and they're certain to get you out of your comfort zone and help you make memories you'll cherish for years to come.

Basic Swamp Survival Skills with Walt - Akers, LA

How brave are you? Do you watch Naked and Afraid and think, I could do that? If so, this is your kind of experience... Your host, Walt, is a Louisiana native and 13 year Naval Special Warfare veteran who has also spent 8 years teaching basic survival skills to at-risk youth. In short, Walt knows what he's doing, and for $400, Walt will teach you how not to die if you're ever stranded in a swamp.

Cajun Chicken and Sausage Gumbo with Michelle - Lafayette, LA

Not everyone was blessed with someone to teach them their family's secret recipe for gumbo. For those of us who know gumbo from a can is wrong, but don't have our own family recipe, Michelle is here to help! For $35 per person, Michelle will teach you how to make an authentic Cajun gumbo. While your gumbo is simmering, you'll get a unique taste of Cajun culture, like playing the card game Bourre, and more. Lessons are available in both English and French and Michelle is able to accommodate dietary restrictions.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga on the Cane River - Natchitoches, LA

Sure, there's hot yoga, goat yoga, and yoga with wine... but have you ever done yoga on a stand-up paddleboard? Here's a new goal to check off your bucket list! No experience is necessary with either yoga or a paddleboard to join Echo's class which is just $33. She can tailor your time to any experience level and don't worry, the paddleboards are anchored so they don't drift away. The water is calm and only waist deep. And when you're done, we hope that's what you are... calm and at peace with the universe!

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