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It looks like the battle between Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and a LSU  Professor with mean Twitter game is heating up, and we're all front and center for it.  With one educator's job on the line, it all boils down to one question: Can you get fired over a mean Tweet?

The LSU Professor's Mean Tweet Starts With Louisiana AG Jeff Landry's "Stand-In"

You know how sometimes you accidentally say something you shouldn't?  If you've let your potentially controversial opinion be known to a few close friends, you're probably OK.  If you're like LSU journalism professor Robert Mann and you fire off a hot one on Twitter about how you really feel - there's probably gonna be a little problem.  The issue came to a head when Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry Sent a staffer in his stead to a very important, and already tense meeting at the university in Baton Rouge.  The topic was nothing less than mandatory vaccination requirements for students and staff.

One LSU Professor is On the Line for This Tweet Aimed at Louisiana AG Landry's Staff

Proponents of a vaccination requirement were hoping to speak with the attorney general in person about why they deemed it necessary.  When he sent a representative from his staff with a prepared statement instead, it angered a lot of people.  Earlier this month, Professor Mann (clearly insulted by the Attorney General's words and lack of attendance) dropped this on us:


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Louisana AG Landry Has Fired Back and Wants LSU Prof. Mann Fired For His Tweet

According to the Advertiser, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is fiercely defending his staffer and officially calling for Louisiana State University to fire Professor Mann for insulting his staffer.  In the letter sent to LSU President William F. Tate IV, Landry basically summed up the offense by saying:

I believe that such a personal attack, calling a female LSU undergrad and law school graduate a “flunkie,” reflects negatively on LSU. It is clear that Chair Mann’s intent was to mock, insult, or belittle this accomplished alumna. Such personal attack violates the 'Commitment to Community' found in the LSU Faculty Handbook.

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LSU President Tate Has Weighed in On Prof Mann's Right to Blast Landry's Staffer on Twitter

According to the report, LSU President William F. Tate IV has provided a statement on the matter that does technically support professor Mann's right to call Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landy's staffer a "flunkie."  President Tate kept it short and sweet:

As president of LSU, I am deeply committed to First Amendment rights. LSU is committed to free and open scholarship and the freedom to debate ideas and principles without interference.

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