A few years ago, you had to try hard to get your 15 minutes of fame. Not anymore. YouTube has become this generation's sounding board for pretty much anything and everything. If you have an idea for a video, all it takes is a smart phone and an internet connection, and you can publish masterpiece after masterpiece for the whole world to see. Not only that, but you can get real-time feedback on your videos. You know immediately how many people have watched it, if they like or dislike it, and they can leave comments telling you how awesome or horrible you are.

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine, Bobby Black, hooked his two boys up with YouTube access and let them loose with a smart phone in their new apartment complex. They shot videos of meeting new friends, playing video games, basically the typical life of pre-teen boys in the wild. As soon as they published a few videos, their dad started sharing them on Facebook and the little dudes' whole world lit up when they started getting views, likes, and subscribers.

Being the amazing friend that I am, I decided that I would share a really cool video of one of the boys doing a sick backflip off of a ledge to see if any listeners could make these boys' channel (Black To Black) blow up a little, just because making kids happy is never a bad thing. Enjoy!

Do you have a YouTube channel? Let me know, and maybe I'll feature it on our website!

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