Giving blood is like giving life - and that's more literal than you might imagine.  According to the stats from, one pint of blood saves an average of three lives!  I'd say that's about three times the reason I need to give up less than an hour of my day!

Unfortunately, blood donations tend to decrease as we get into summer.  It gets worse when you realize that the need for blood rises dramatically due to an increase in auto accidents brought on by the extra traffic on the roads because it's summer.  It's a vicious cycle that you and I can break with our donations.

As if that wasn't reason enough, the excellent folks at LifeShare Blood Center are teaming up with Dominos Pizza to give you even more incentive.  This Memorial Day Weekend, when you give a pint of blood at any of LifeShare's donation locations, you'll get a card redeemable for one free large single-topping pizza from Dominos!

Just think about that delicious, cheesy-and-piping-hot pizza you'll get to enjoy on your day off!  It'll be even more delectable once you realize that you and your pizza are life-saving superheroes!

If you want to donate (and get your hands on that free Dominos pizza in the process), but don't know where to go, I've got two options for you.  First, you can find an easy-to-access location near you by searching LifeShare's easy to use website.

Secondly, you could just join me this Saturday from 2-4 pm at the Dominos Pizza at 886 Bert Kouns!  I'll be broadcasting live as we save the world together - one pint and pizza at a time!

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