It's about time someone recognized the food scene in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Before we go too far, let it be known that the term "foodie" is more than just a word to describe a food lover. Instead foodies seek out food experiences and become students of cuisine. They also tend to post their food encounters on social media. #DoItForTheGram

As you might guess, it can be an expensive passion.

Aside from spending money on food, foodies may travel to other places for new flavors. Some are lucky enough to live in a city that boasts a rich culture of cuisine while also keeping these food lovers within the confines of their budget. Recently WalletHub compiled a list of the Best Foodie Cities in America for 2018. Out of the thousands of cities across this nation, WalletHub selected 182 of the best.

Shreveport made the list at number 148.

According to WalletHub's criteria we are a great place to enjoy authentic and sometimes ambitious food at a decent price. Cities were ranked based on cost of groceries, affordability of high-quality restaurants as well as accessibility, food festivals per capita and more. I guess, there's nothing more to say than... LET'S EAT!

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