What happens when a performing arts crew has to clean up the mess that Hurricane Harvey left behind? They sing Les Miserables "One More Day". Sarah Hames from Friendswood, TX made one amazing video with the help of all her theater friends. One third of the family homes in Friendswood, TX flooded. During the clean up, Sarah had the idea to make what I think is one of the most epic videos yet. Throughout the video you can see all the damage in Sarah Hammes neighborhood. There is so much beauty to be found in this video, not just the love of performing arts, but the helping hands that together, collect all the damaged items and make a huge pile that they stand on top of and wave the Texas flag proud. For 3 minutes and 50 seconds I remembered how resilient we are as a nation. "One day to a new beginning. Raise the flag of freedom high!" Thank you Sarah Hames for making my day and reminding everyone that helping a neighbor is just the southern thing to do. You can donate to the families in Friendswood, TX and stay up to date with their local relief efforts by visiting wehateharvey.com


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