Our favorite group of Texas musicians is taking the Chase Stage tonight at the Red River Revel. Left Arm Tan has roots in Bossier City (lead singer Troy is a Parkway High School graduate) and they are playing the Revel tonight before Easton Corbin. In honor of their performance tonight LAT (Left Arm Tan) is offering FREE music downloads on their website.

Left Arm Tan

From the opening notes of this Fort Worth's foursome's full-length, you can see the prairie dust whistling past an open car window as it blasts down a wide-open highway.” (Fort Worth Star Telegram) This is Texas driving music that carries you from the Hill Country, through the Rust Belt, on to California highways and back. This is hang-your-arm-out-the-window music that nourishes the soul.

LAT is a veritable powerhouse of Texas music, featuring frontman Troy Austin on vocals, and well known Texas musicians Jeff Scroggins(Constant Seas), Daniel Hines (Four Mile Mule, Bad Haskells) and Tim Manders (Four Mile Mule, Buck Jones, I the Jury).

Don't miss Left Arm Tan at the Red River Revel tonight at 6:30! And snag FREE music while you can!

All you gotta do to get your FREE music is go to www.leftarmtan.com and click on the download button on their music player.


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