As the old Irish legend goes, St. Patrick and St. Bridget worked out a deal that allowed women to propose to men every four years on Leap Day. Not sure if the deal included the girl having to buy her own ring, but the proposal tradition continues on YouTube. 

This Leap Day role reversal became a tradition in many European countries. In fact, historically, if a man refused a woman’s hand on Leap Day, he had to pay some sort of fine. One custom had the man buying the rejected woman 12 pairs of gloves, so she could then hide her ring-less shame of still being single.  I'm just betting that men who were afraid of just who might pop the big question on that day, took really long fishing trips for the week.

And Leap Day still provides women a unique opportunity to take on all the responsibility — and risk of rejection — that is a properly executed marriage proposal.

Due to the risky nature of the reverse marriage proposal, there aren’t a whole lot of videos of women proposing to men out there. But we were able to find some, which you can check out below. With this being the first Leap Day in the age of HD camera phones, there should be a lot more videos of this phenomenon by the time Leap Day 2016 comes around.

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