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If you haven't even thought about it, it's April Fool's Day.  So, maybe your antenna should have been up, but you got caught without thinking.  Maybe you were one of those duped by someone's idea of a funny prank.  Well, don't let it ruin your day.

If you follow social media, especially Facebook, you probably saw scores of your friends freaking out over, what appeared to be a real news story, that the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries was fining people $500 for fishing during the Governor's "Shelter in Place" mandate.

This is just a prank.  In fact, the website,, clearly points out "You've Been Pranked" and "You Got Owned," however, droves of people didn't read that far and began spreading the news that now, along with not being able to go to church, or to the movies, we also couldn't even go fishing.

THIS IS FAKE NEWS!  In no way, no form, no fashion, in no capacity, has the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries made any announcement in this fashion.

Now, most all bass tournaments scheduled for anytime before April 30, 2020 have been cancelled due to the governor's mandate, and lots of government run parks and/or boat launches have been closed, anything else like this simply isn't true.

On another note, it's still the best idea to practice "Social Distancing" so, while right now might not be the best time to be hanging around a crowded boat ramp, I would be hard pressed to believe that a day on the lake by yourself or with one of your children, could be anything less than therapeutic.

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