With only two days left in the legislative session, lawmakers need to come to an agreement on a $28-billion spending plan for next fiscal year.

Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat says the House does not want to spend all the money that’s been recognized by the Revenue Estimating Conference but the Senate does. He says it’s all about negotiations now.

“We’re talking about $200 million and will they meet in the middle at $100 million or will they try to push each other so that one gets $50 million more than the other side does.”

Pinsonat says the biggest issues arise with the House’s budget as it would result in cuts to health care, state prisons and child welfare. He says negotiations are expected to be positive but nothing is predictable during a legislative session.

“There is no guarantee that all of this will work out this afternoon. Right now everybody thinks it will but there is no guarantee because there are a lot of issues left on the table that they’re fighting about.”

Governor John Bel Edwards has voiced his disapproval of the House’s latest budget plan. But Pinsonat says that likely won’t affect what the House decides to do.

“The Republicans also have a responsibility in their districts to do what their voters want. A lot of those voters expect them to hold the line on spending.”


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