With millions of albums sold and a growing list of hits to their name, Lady Antebellum are one of the fastest-rising young acts in the music business. As they gear up to promote their just-released third album, ‘Own the Night,’ they’re on the verge of delivering one of the biggest sales successes of 2011.

And according to singer Hillary Scott, none of it might have happened if it wasn’t for Whoopi Goldberg.

During a recent interview with Next Movie, Scott reflected on her early days as a young vocalist, remembering a time when she could have given up on her dream, but found inspiration in an unlikely place. “There was a movie that actually inspired me to continue singing. It was ‘Sister Act 2,’ which sounds so random. I was probably 11 or 12, really young, and I’d been singing my whole life.”

Explaining why she found the sequel to a comedy about singing nuns so motivational, she added, “It was almost like that was when I realized that not only do I love to sing because it’s been a part of my life because my parents do, but it’s a calling. I was like, ‘OK, this is what I’m supposed to do.’ That movie just kind of helped bring it out. I don’t know how.”

And for the record, Scott still enjoys ‘Sister Act 2.’ “That’s the movie that I will watch a million times and love singing along to every word. It just inspires me.”

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