If you are unaware, assaulting a police horse is exactly the same as assaulting a police officer.  This was covered in the 1998 Dave Chappelle comedy Half Baked. That's because for intents and purposes a police horse is a police officer.

I guess no one thought to tell 26-year-old Leo Prejean that little legal fact.  At least, no one told him before this weekend.  This morning, Leo finds himself well informed on the legalities of attacking a duly named and outfitted peace officer with hooves.

According to a post on the Police Association of Lafayette Local #905's Facebook page, Prejean was convicted of OWI (operating while intoxicated) and resisting an officer on Wednesday of last week.  A few days later (on Saturday night / Sunday Morning) he decided to get wasted in downtown Lafayette.  In his inebriated state, Mr. Prejean allegedly tried to hit a police horse in the head with a glass bottle.  Obviously, officers on the scene detained him - but Leo wasn't done breaking the law yet!  While Lafayette's finest were cuffin' and stuffin' Mr. Prejean resisted, earning him an extra charge!

In the end, Leo was arrested and officially charged with disturbing the peace, resisting an officer and interfering with police dogs.

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