This morning we reached 9,000 Facebook fans and to celebrate we collected prizes from all dusty corners in our building. Lucky number 9,000: Jeffrey Strumski. We really wanted Jeffrey to feel appreciated, so we scrambled to find a few treasures to gift him with.


Among the valued prizes:

-Two gold Christmas ball decorations

-One gold wand decoration thingy

-Two unclaimed t-shirts from Mudd Jam 3 (they were a little funky smelling)

-One giant trophy from Mudstock (titled 1st place for Women's Buddy Run)

-A plastic Jamaica snow globe off of Gary's desk

-A Farmer's Almanac off Tracy's desk.

-Carrie Underwood's new CD "Blown Away"

-The valued title "Kiss Country's 9,000th Facebook Fan"

Join Kiss Country on Facebook! No telling what type of cool goodies we can dig up for our 10,000th fan. . . we may even pick a few winners from our current fan list. Maybe we can find some VHS tapes or cassettes to include in our next prize package.