One last summer salute from Kenny Chesney is just what we needed! Watching this video took me back to a few summers after high school. From the cars used in the video to the being a few bucks short at the convenience store. Remember when your only worry was making sure you didn't get caught trespassing by the cops? Summer meant freedom, and ducking when the cops drove by.  Of course I was a tad sad when I didn't see Kenny Chesney make an appearance in his own music video. However you can feel Kenny in spirit. Pretty sure "All The Pretty Girls" song is what I'll be blaring while I'm walking my dog tonight. This song makes me want to pay a visit to my hometown and drive around. We all have those songs that take us back in time, thank you Kenny Chesney for a beautiful glimpse of summer back in the day! Time travel is possible, if you find an amazing song that takes you way back.


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