As you all know by now, after eleven years of service at Cracker Barrel, Brad's wife (who may or may not actually exist) was let go unexpectedly on (what may or may not have been) Brad's birthday.

Amazingly, one tiny 1-star review on Cracker Barrel's national page has set the internet and much of the world on fire. The review, posted by a man named Bradley Reid Byrd, simply read, "Why did you fire my wife?"

Now, a week later, the internet demands answers.

Cracker Barrel has yet to respond, despite one photoshopped statement released by an account that doesn't even exist.

Here in Shreveport, we demand answers too.

That's why I, Jay Whatley, am calling on Shreveport-Bossier to join me for a justice gathering here at our radio station's studio. I want all of you to come out with creative picket signs and an appetite for justice.

We'll gather in our parking lot at 10:00 AM this Saturday. 6341 Westport Avenue just off Pines road.

Look, I'm aware that date is April 1st, so I want to let everyone know upfront, that this IS NOT an April Fools joke. We decided to hold the gathering on the next Saturday, and that just happens to be April Fools Day. Let me say this, on the record, if this is an April Fool's joke, then I will turn in my resignation on Monday. Once again, this is real, and I expect a big turnout.

Also, this is in no way a boycott or protest. This is a gathering in our parking lot for a woman who may not even exist. It is purely in good spirits and we've received the blessing form our local Cracker Barrel. They are even trying to join us onsite, and I'm working on getting biscuits!

After the dust settles at 10:30, we then encourage everyone to stop by the Deli Casino Sandwich Shoppe for lunch! One of our local favorites have been going through tough times due to some road construction, and we would love to use this as an opportunity to have some fun, and also help a deserving sandwich shoppe.

To read more on the event, and receive updates, check out the Facebook event page by clicking HERE.


[Justice Gathering For #BradsWife]

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