Prayers are needed for the lead singer of Josh Abbott Band, who has revealed that he and the band will be canceling two weeks of upcoming tour dates so the singer can be at home with his father following a recent stroke.

In a heartfelt message to fans posted to the band's social pages on Tuesday (Feb. 28), Abbott shares that he feels the worst is near for his family.

"Due to my father's debilitating condition due to a stroke almost 3 weeks ago, we will not be touring this week or next week (March 1-12)," Abbott writes on the band's Facebook page. "Unless a miracle occurs, we fear this will be his last week here with us. Therefore, I need to be by his side, holding my mother's hand through it. I know you all understand, and we truly appreciate the prayers and kind comments you have all left."

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Abbott's father suffered a stroke last month. He let fans in on his father's condition when he posted an image of the two together on Instagram.

"This guy needs your prayers, thoughts, good vibes, or whatever you want to send his way...Dad had a stroke last Thursday and isn't doing well," Abbott wrote on Feb. 15. "The effects were delayed and hit hard Saturday. Tell your family you love them. You just never know what can happen and then it might be too late."

The past year has been rough on the band, as they were forced to cancel several shows last summer after a series of “heavy emotional blows” that included the death of a grandfather, the discovery of a dead body in Las Vegas and Abbott’s extreme case of anaphylaxis.

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