If you were raised going to church in the South chances are you can empathize with John Crist. John Crist is a Christian comedian who has found a way to make all of us laugh with his take on real-life situations which normally revolve around church. Recently I saw a video of John Crist and Trey Kennedy pretending they're part of a bachelorette party in Nashville. I felt like they followed me around when I was in Nashville. Why lie, I am definitely guilty of some of the things they made fun of, check out the video below.

If you want to see John Crist live your chance is coming up December 9, 2018! John Crist will put on a show at Shreveport Convention Center and tickets are already on sale. John Crist even made a video promoting his Shreveport show, you can see it by clicking here.  The package names are hilarious. You'll know what I mean when you go purchase your tickets. Some of the shows around the country are selling out so if you want to get yours before they do just click here. 

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