If you’re thinking of a Florida vacation in the next week or two, you might want to stay on the Gulf Coast side.  Swarms of purple colored jellyfish stung more than 800 people this past weekend at Florida beaches along the Atlantic coast.  Most of these stings aren’t normally serious, only causing itching, burning and rashes, much like a bee sting, but reaction can be dangerous to those allergic.  In fact, two people were taken to the hospital this past weekend with respiratory problems.  For the remainder of those stung, lifeguards keep a vinegar solution on hand to neutralize the stinging cells.  Nonetheless, a sting of any kind, especially one in “more sensitive locations” can be the difference in a “great vacation” and a “we’re never going back there again vacation.”  With that in mind, thousands of visitors spooked by the jellyfish, stayed out of the water or left the beach entirely.