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When it comes to hitting the beach, I'm all in.  The sand, the sun, the tropical drinks - what's not to love?  The dangerous, apex predators lurking just beyond sight in the waters, that's what not to love.  I'll spend all day on the beach soaking up some rays, but just on the off chance I could meet up with Jaws - I'll leave the "flitting around in the surf" to someone else.

Now, to confirm my borderline-paranoid fear - KPLC is reporting that bull-shark pups have been spotted in greater numbers than usual along the Louisiana Gulf Coast.  The reason?  Baby bull-shark season started pretty early this year!

See, Bull-shark mamas love the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico that border with our state, but according to marine biologists - the big-time shark maternity marathon usually starts in June.  Experts think this may lead to a big boom in bull-shark numbers this year.  Bull-sharks typically have litters between one and ten pups - so we are potentially talking about an incredible number of juvenile sharks staking out the Louisiana shore for the rest of the summer as they typically stay in the "nursery" area until they reach about 4 feet in length.

In case you are wondering whether or not bull-sharks are dangerous - they are.  According to the National Wildlife Federation, they aren't just dangerous - they are considered to be among the most dangerous when it comes to attacking man due to their aggressiveness.  In fact, bull-sharks in particular have been known to swim pretty far upstream.  Bull-sharks have been responsible for numerous attacks in rivers and lakes including Lake Pontchartrain where a fatal attack occurred in 1914.


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