If you're wrapped in three of those fuzzy blankets from Walmart or Target and still shivering in South Louisiana, then the 'People in the South When it’s Freezing' video is a must-watch. Self-proclaimed Alabama humorist Matt Mitchell has completely nailed it once again, this time perfectly encapsulating the comedic struggle of a Southern winter.

In South Louisiana, "winter" is a relative term. We may get a chill in the air, or a cold front here and there; but let's be honest, it's nothing compared to the snow or winters up North. Our version of a winter wonderland is more of a light frost that sends the state into hibernation. Snow? That's a rare and shutdown-worthy event once you're within 100 miles of the outline of our boot state.

But as much as we'd like to think we're all taking a day off to build snowmen, the truth is more practical – a thin layer of ice is enough to throw us off because, frankly, we're just not made for the cold. Our houses, roads, and winter wardrobes (if we can even call them that) aren’t built for freezing temperatures.

Enter Matt Mitchell, a humorist and proud Alabamian, who nails every quirk and cold-weather habit we've begrudgingly adopted in Louisiana and across the Southeast. His video isn't just funny; it's almost like he lives up the street from us.

Mitchell humorously spotlights the "tough guy" neighbor from the North who's baffled by our winter panic, the struggle for the perfect pencil-thin stream of faucet water to prevent pipes from freezing, and our inexplicable urge to stockpile bread and milk at the first hint of cold. Plus, let's not forget the absence of a real winter coat in most of our closets (that camo does NOT count, no matter how warm it keeps you).

The video hilariously portrays our state of emergency when temperatures dare drop below freezing, our improvised methods to thaw frozen car doors and windshields, and our collective decision to turn into amateur deer hunters as the mercury plummets.

Mitchell doesn’t miss a beat, covering everything from our attempts to insulate pipes by opening cabinets to checking in on "MeMaw" to ensure she’s warm and cozy. And yes, there's a silver lining in his comedy – at least the cold means a temporary goodbye to pesky bugs (even though mosquitos seem to keep coming back)!

About the man behind the laughs: Matt Mitchell is not just a humorist but a defender of country music and an 8th-generation Alabamian. With a decade of creating online content and a stint with the viral Southern sketch comedy channel, 'It’s a Southern Thing,' Mitchell is no stranger to making people laugh. His work, including over 100 comedy sketches, boasts over 2 billion views. With accolades like the 2021 People’s Choice Webby Award and two Emmy nominations, it's no wonder his departure to focus on personal projects has been a hit.

So, as you sit there, deciding whether to venture out into the "harsh" Louisiana winter or stay in and watch another comedy sketch on Facebook, remember: Mitchell's got your back, making sure we can all laugh a little as we shiver.

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