Louisiana has surely churned out many great country singers over the years, so let's celebrate them.

Now, certain states are synonymous with country music. When you think of the genre, you naturally think of places like Tennessee and Texas.

George Strait
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Over the last few years, places like Oklahoma and Georgia have become a hotbed for producing some major country superstars.

As we know, in our great state of Louisiana, we're a big ole gumbo pot full of great music -- from Cajun to Zydeco, Jazz to Swamp Pop, we've got it all.

Wayne Toups, Facebook
Wayne Toups, Facebook

But let's not forget that we do love us some country music here in "The Boot". And when you get to think back and do a little research, this state has produced some really strong country artists over the years.

It was a tough task, but I do think this turned out to be a formidable "Best Of" list, from the legends to today's new stars.

Here they are, our list of the best and most notable country singers from Louisiana.

The Most Famous Country Singers of All-Time from Louisiana

Louisiana has produced many great country singers over the years that have gained national success and notoriety. Here is a list of the best of the best.

Gallery Credit: Jude Walker

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