One DeSoto Parish town is now a record holder. Stonewall, Louisiana has taken home the title for having the world's tallest Christmas tree structure. (Stonewall is just south of Shreveport.)

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While not exactly a tree (hence the word "structure" added to the end), it does make the appearance of one.

The Christmas tree structure is actually lights strung down from a 300-foot tall communications tower located behind Stonewall Government Plaza.

The tower was transformed by local businessman Perry Thompson, who also owns and runs Lumiere Christmas Experience in Stonewall.

Lights stream down from the 28-story tower and spread out in the shape of a Christmas tree. The DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office helped by adding the 10,250 LED lights.

There was a lighting ceremony held this past Friday that featured fireworks, hot cocoa, and Santa Claus.

Unfortunately, there won't be an official designation of the tower-turned-tree being the tallest Christmas tree structure currently in the world, but the town is just fine with that.

For comparison sake, this structure leaps the previously current tallest one in Indianapolis, Indiana, which is 284 feet tall.

The title of tallest in the world at one time went to Brazil. Back in 2009, they had a Christmas tree structure that stood a whopping 400 feet tall. However, it was only a one-season attraction and was never put up again.

The "Spirit of DeSoto Tree" will remain lit until the first week of January.

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