When it comes to people driving through flood water and causing water to go onto people's property, KATC TV 3's Daniel Phillips just isn't having it.

KATC via YouTube
KATC via YouTube

Louisiana Weatherman Hilariously Rips on People Driving Through Flood Waters

With inclement weather heading Acadiana's way today (1/8/24) there's a possibility of flooded roadways.

This got us thinking about our good friend Daniel Phillips from KATC and the time he hilariously scolded Lafayette drivers for driving through flood waters, essentially making a bad situation worse.

The 20 Most Vulnerable Cities to Flooding in the United States
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(Below is the original story)

Watch as Daniel scolds drivers for carelessly zipping through high flood waters on Ambassador Caffery.

No one does it quite like Daniel!

As he said multiple times throughout the Good Morning Acadiana Broadcast, he understands when we have weather events like we had this morning that sometimes, people still have to get places.

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