Katy Perry set up Luke Bryan on the set of American Idol by forcing him take his vitamins.

Bryan walked onto the Idol set as normal and saw an IV drip next to his judge chair. He at first thought the IV was filled with urine, but figured out it was actually his co-host, Katy Perry, trying to give him vitamins in the only way she knew how.

The "Roar" singer jokingly said, "You'll taste it," referring to the vitamins going into his veins.

"That's the B," fellow host Lionel Richie quipped, jokingly referring to the vitamins going through Bryan's bloodstream.

The country singer had to sit through auditions with a vitamin IV in his arm for the first time. The pop star told the country singer, "I knew this season I was going to get vitamins into you, even if I had to stab you in the veins with them."

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Katy teased that she had to go this route because Luke wouldn't take his vitamins orally. The first contestant was admittedly "confused" as she walked in to see Bryan sitting down with an IV in his arm. The "Country Girl" joked that he could explain further with his newfound knowledge. Bryan yelled a big "Ow" as the IV needle was removed, while Perry laughed and said, "Hold my hand." The country music singer said removing the IV was "worse than the whole thing."

In the past on Idol, Perry has tried to encourage Bryan to drink some of her "green juice" and experience the health benefits. Bryab has stayed true to his southern boy roots by keeping from all the latest Hollywood trends, even if it compromises his "health."

Check out the video clip from American Idol below.

Video - Katy Perry Forces Luke Bryan to Take His Vitamins on 'Idol'

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