Well, it has a little to do with what he did at LSU, and a little to do with what he did before he got to LSU. But there's a chance that LSU's Heisman winning quarterback Jayden Daniels could end up drafted by the Las Vegas Raiders.

This year's NFL Draft is coming up April 25th through April 27th. It will be held in Detroit this year. Like nearly every NFL Draft before, this one has a lot of buzz around the quarterback position.

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The consensus #1 overall pick is former USC and Oklahoma quarterback Caleb Williams, who is expected to be taken by the Chicago Bears. But after that pick, things get very loose. The Washington Commanders are currently seated at the #2 pick, and the New England Patriots are waiting at #3. All three of the top spots in the draft are teams that could strongly consider a quarterback. But they're also franchises who might be in a better position to trade out of their spots that to use their pick.

When you get to the team at #4, the Arizona Cardinals, they already have a quarterback they like on their roster, so they could trade that pick as well. With the possibility of there being 4 quarterbacks that could selected at the top of the draft, that pick could be really valuable as well.

So who are the quarterbacks? We already mentioned Williams, and most experts have him being taken #1. Then you have LSU's Daniels, North Carolina's Drake Maye, and Michigan's JJ McCarthy. Two other quarterback names being flung around are Oregon's Bo Nix and Washington's Michael Penix Jr. While Nix and Penix are projected to be 2nd Round picks, it only takes one team to fall in love with you, or feel pressured to secure your selection, to make you a First Round pick.

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While it would be really hard for Washington to move out of the #2 pick after sending their most recent young project quarterback, Sam Howell, away in a trade. But if they can get the value, they will move that pick.

Which is where the Las Vegas Raiders come in.

Raiders Head Coach Antonio Pierce recruited Daniels to Arizona State when he was there. Like, not just a member of the Arizona State coaching staff when Daniels was being recruited, but he was the guy recruiting Daniels...and he won that recruiting battle. He got Daniels to ASU to start his college career.

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But Daniels didn't stay at Arizona State for his whole college career. In a life-changing move, he transferred to LSU. That brilliant move took him from possible NFL prospect, to Heisman Trophy winning Top 5 draft pick contender.

Now the fact that Pierce has history with Daniels, and that his on-field play has elevated his draft stock, the pair could be set for a reunion in the NFL. But to make that happen, the Raiders will have to swing a big deal. They will have to trade with Washington for their #2 pick.

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The Raiders have the #13 pick in the First Round, and the 44th overall pick in the Second Round. They have picks beyond those in the Third Round and later, but those may not play in a deal big enough to wrestle the #2 pick away from Washington.

Realistically, the Raiders would probably have to part with their #13 pick this year, and their First Round pick next year. Or a combination of the #13 pick and a starting roster level talent. As crazy as it sounds, they might have to give up their First Round pick and someone like Maxx Crosby to make this work. But a package of picks seems more realistic.

It could be as simple as a First Round pick swap this year, the Raiders 2025 First Round Pick, and a pair of 3rd round picks. If it happens, it won't be cheap for the Raiders to get into this spot for Daniels. But if they don't do it, Washington probably takes the LSU quarterback.

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