I Remember the First Time I Stepped Inside the Old Chicago Building.

Although the building burned down I will forever remember that strange eerie feeling I had. It wasn't until several years later that I heard that the building was rumored to be haunted. If you walk through Downtown SHrevepiort late at night you'll feel it. You know what I mean when I say "feel it" right? That weird feeling that someone is watching you.

Something About Downtown Shreveport, I Swear It's the Most Haunted Area in the South.

We have all heard the rumors of the Shreveport Municipal, the ghost of Elvis, and all the disembodied voices from the yellow fever. I have always politely declined a Shreveport Municipal tour because it freaks me out.


What Paranormal Activity Have You Experienced in Shreveport?

Have you personally experienced anything supernatural in a building in Shreveport? Where was it and what happened? Please reach out to me directly by messaging me here.

If You Have Ever Caught Anything Weird on Camera Please Send Me the Footage.

We know that Jefferson, Texas has creepy stories to tell, however, we are convinced that Shreveport may have as many haunting stories as New Orleans.

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