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These are the top high schools across Louisiana so if you're planning to move and have school-age children, you need to check this out.

Did you know that Louisiana has 1303 public schools in 70 school districts? That's a lot of kids heading out each day to enrich their lives and prepare for the future. But when you get to high school, it's about more than reading and writing and balancing a checkbook, it's about learning how to be a critical thinker, learning the value of teamwork, challenging yourself, and becoming an independent, self-sustaining human being as you make the transition into adulthood. That's a big deal and that's why we turned to Stacker to find out which high schools in Louisiana are 'making the grade.'

How were the best high schools in Louisiana determined?

We turned to Stacker and Niche for this information. Niche used data from 2023 and studied 8 key metrics including academics and grades, culture and diversity, health and safety, clubs and activities, resources, and surveys of parents, teachers, and students.

While my alma mater, Haughton High School, didn't make the list, several schools in the immediate Shreveport-Bossier City area did. Those schools include Airline High School, Benton High School, Caddo Magnet High School, and C.E. Byrd High School. I have to admit, I'd hope our area would have had more schools on the list, especially since the Louisiana State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Cade Brumley came from the DeSoto Parish School District. Despite having some wonderful people in leadership, Louisiana has to do better for our kids. Here in the Bayou State, we still only have an 85% graduation rate. When you exclude private schools, that rate drops even lower.

Wondering how things panned out? Let's take a look!

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