Do You Remember When Shreveport Regional Airport Was Showing Their LSU Pride?

A year ago Kim Mulkey's LSU Women's Basketball received a first-ever National Championship Trophy after defeating Iowa and the pride ran wild all over Louisiana. LSU defeated Iowa 102 to 85 and after that, it felt like everywhere was bleeding purple and gold including our very own Shreveport Regional Airport.

Sometimes we just need an excuse to bleed those colors extra loud. Shreveport Regional Airport was so Proud of LSU that they found an epic way to celebrate.
"In celebration of LSU Women's Basketball winning the NCAA National Championship, the lights in our iconic terminal building will shine in purple and gold tonight." Remember when the Empire State Building was shining bright with purple and gold in New York too?

Shreveport Regional Airport Will Always Find a Unique Way to Show Love.

We Love it When Our Community Comes Together to Do Something Great.

Shreveport Reginal Airport enlisted the help of some local artists to find a unique way to show off some city love and we are living for it.

Lauren Ross Simmons Via Facebook
Lauren Ross Simmons Via Facebook

Shreveport Regional Airport Has Provided Us With an Epic Photo Opportunity That Also Shows Off Our City Pride.

I have always wanted a SHV shirt or hat, and now we can all take a photo next to the colorful SHV sign. From what we have been seeing on Facebook this SHV sign has been in the works for over a year and we are so exited to post our selfie next time we fly Shreveport.

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