One of the Things That I Will Forever Hate About Shreveport is the Non-Existent Recycling.

Being raised in the Pacific Northwest and in California I was always raised knowing that recycling was a huge benefit to Mother Earth. I grew up thinking that everywhere in America we all recycled religiously. That was up until I made the move to Shreveport. Why don't we recycle here? What do I do with all of these empty wine bottles?

A Local Liquor Store Wants to Help Us Recycle.

Cuban Liquor announced that they are the proud new drop-off location for a New Orleans-based recycling company called Glass Half Full. As of now, they are the only glass recycling option in Shreveport-Bossier and of course, it is free. Who doesn't love free?

All you have to do is drop off your empty glass bottles. They don't have to be wine bottles either they can be liquor and soda bottles, really anything you have at home.  The receptacles are set up at the rear parking lot right next to the dumpsters. There is no sign up required and you can drop off your bottles anytime.

Cuban Liquor said, "Our distributor partner, Mystic Vine, will transport the glass to New Orleans, where it will be cleaned, sorted, pulverized, and turned into sand which is primarily used for disaster relief and coastal restoration." They added "Besides helping restore our gulf coast, this will save our city money by diverting glass from our public landfills. Cheers!"

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