It Only Takes a Picture for Me to Agree to Go Visit a New Spot.

I had tried Yeero-Yeero's food truck before, so I was no stranger to the Greek eatery. However, I had never dined inside of Yeer-Yeero. You walk into the place and you're instantly surprised at the inside. You'll ask yourself if you're in an upscale restaurant and start worrying about the price of food. However, don't let it deter you.

You Have Simply Entered a Wonderful Dining Experience.

Yeero-Yeero is a Shreveport staple and so many locals swear they have a soup that can fix you if you're feeling sick or under the weather. The menu is full of delicious options however there has been a big game changer at Yeer-Yeero.

TSM Staff
TSM Staff

"The Inventor of the Apollo Fry is back at Yeero-Yeero. Ms. Dalia is here with new menu items coming soon." Chef Dalia is a legend around town. She had gone to work at an upscale restaurant in Shreveport but when the restaurant shut down she decided to go back to her home kitchen. Now locals who know all about Chef Dalia are excited.

I Made the Trip to Yeero-Yeero to Try the Homemade Spanakorita Mac & Cheese.

It was nothing short of delicious. I have no idea what sauce was used but it was delicious. The spinach and cheese was unreal, it was creamy and it was truly some of the most unique mac and cheese dishes I have ever had.

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Chef Dalia is showing off all her skills and I am here for it. Keep an eye on Yeero-Yeero's Facebook page to keep up with all the specials that Chef Dalia is coming out with.

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