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Hint: Louisiana residents drink A LOT of beer over the holidays! In Louisiana, we're known for passing a good time and that usually translates to drinking large amounts of alcohol. But, believe it or not, Louisiana doesn't drink the most, but we're no slouches either!

How much beer does Louisiana drink to pass that good time over the holidays?

According to, Louisiana residents drink enough beer over the holidays to fill 137 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Sure, folks are known to overindulge during the holidays, but that's a LOT of beer... and Louisiana isn't even the worst. The study that was released by says that Louisiana ranks a mere 38th as far as beer consumption during the holidays, a lot better than I would have thought!


What are the top states for beer consumption over the holidays?

The top states for beer consumption over the holidays are Montana, South Dakota, Missouri, Alabama, and Mississippi according to

However, says that as of 2019, on average, folks in Louisiana drink 28 gallons of beer per year. Clearly, someone is picking up my slack because I'm not a beer drinker! However, according to their numbers, we're not even close to drinking the most. In fact, when it comes to excessive drinking, Louisiana ranks 25th. Surprising for a state that celebrates Mardi Gras. However, we don't do so well when it comes to drinking and driving. As of 2019, says Louisiana had the 13th highest mortality rate regarding drunk driving deaths.

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With all of that being said, have fun this holiday season. Just please, please, please make sure you have a designated driver. Hoppy Holidays!


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