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If you're not familiar with the Kraken House in New Orleans, LA, it's infamous for the giant tentacles that seemingly extend from the second floor... and now they've added to the spectacle!

What is the Kraken House in New Orleans, LA?

The Kraken House in New Orleans was born thanks to a couple who love to decorate their home for various holidays. The Kraken tentacles didn't match Michelle's 12' skeletons for Halloween, so she saved them for Mardi Gras since they were purple, green, and gold colored. Then, during the height of the 'Krewe of House Floats' era in New Orleans, in the wake of the canceled 2021 Carnival season, the house received its 'nickname' thanks to a reporter from Reuters. Believe it or not, Michelle and David, the owners of Kraken House, purchased the famous tentacles on AMAZON!

To give you some context, this is a before and after picture of the Kraken House the first year they displayed the ginormous tentacles!

When you check out the Kraken House's Facebook page, they tell you they're into decorating shenanigans, bad puns, and general silliness, which you can see in this addition... Meet 'Bead Dog!' And yes, the jokes are there for the making!

Oh, and if you were wondering if David and Michelle have a sense of humor all year long, this post should settle that.

If you'd like to visit Kraken House in person, the address is 6574 Memphis St, New Orleans, LA.

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