Just When You Thought You Had Seen It All the Internet Strikes Again.

What is your favorite part of Mardi Gras? If it's the parades then you have probably seen it all, or so you thought.

We Can't Forget the Resurgence of Kevin Gates After a Mardi Gras Parade in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The famous Lafayette videographer John Weatherall III, made Steven Barbosa famous after he filmed him rocking his sunglasses with his drink tumbler singing along to Kevin Gates' 2013 club banger "Thinkin' With My ****." All of a sudden we wanted to hear the Kevin Gates bop in every single club, did it become a Mardi Gras song for a hot minute?

Someone on the internet decided to recreate all the things that they love about Mardi Gras parades using Barbie's, oh and some Troll dolls. They even added porta-potties to the mix.

Someone Used All Their Creative Juices to Put This Mardi Gras Recreation Together.

They didn't miss any details, from the beer pong and crawfish boil set up on tables to the cop hitting the girl it looks like?  However, you can't forget the wonderful beauty of family enjoying the Mardi Gras parade, that also made the cut along with blue tarps. Can you enjoy a parade without blue tarps?

Although the video was published on January 30th, several of us are just now finding out about this hilarious video. Watch it below.

What is your favorite part of the trashy Barbie Mardi Gras parade?

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