Remember When Buc-ee's Announced They Were Building a New Travel Center Just Down I-20 in Ruston, Louisiana?

Unfortunately, a traffic study has pushed  the opening of the new travel center to the middle of 2025. The traffic study is being done by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and construction on the new Buc-ee's is expected to begin in 2025. This will be the first Buc-ee's in Louisiana and the Bayou State is eager and ready for the Disneyland of gas stations to open up.

Buc-ee's Is a Must Stop During Any Road Trip if You Live in the South.

There isn't a better feeling than being on a trip and knowing there is the sweet relief of Buc-ee's on the horizon. A clean restroom and a giant building filled with the best snacks you can think of. Truly Buc-ee's is the best part of a road trip.

Has Buc-ee's Turned You Into a Big Fan of Everything Beaver?

If you have become a huge fan of Buc-ee's, then you have probably seen the viral Buc-ee's themed birthday cake right? Since you can't host a birthday party at Buc-ee's, why can't someone throw a Buc-ee's themed birthday party for a lover of Buc-ee's?

Bridesmaids Threw an Epic Bachelorette Party for a Bride Who is Obsessed With Buc-ee's and They Have Gone Viral.

If your crew doesn't take you obsession and take it to the next level are they even your best buds? We know that this bachelorette party had the most epic snacks.

@amandaharrod5 Mollie’s Buc-eelorette #bucees #buceeseverything #buceestexas #buceesshirt #bucwild @Mollie ♬ Knuck If You Buck (feat. Crime Mob) - DJ DCeezy

Some of the Best Snacks at Buc-ee's

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