You never know what you can expect to see on a daily basis here in Southwest Louisiana, especially in the summertime. Especially, on a holiday weekend. That was certainly the case for these people on Friday.

An area man was trying to back his boat down in the water at the boat launch for a weekend of family fun during the long Fourth of July holiday weekend when things NEARLY took a turn for the worse. A Facebook post surfaced Friday afternoon of this guy nearly losing his truck in the Calcasieu River.

Facebook/Mark Miller
Facebook/Mark Miller

In the first Facebook post by Mark Miller,  the post showed a photo of a boat in the water at the boat launch... If you look closer, you can see the very top of a pickup truck. Immediately you think "OH SNAP." I'm sure "snap" wasn't the word these folks were using. This post was made around 4:00 Friday afternoon.

About 30 minutes later, Miller gives an update on his Facebook... SOMEONE HAS COME TO THE RESCUE! A JEEP had come to the rescue and was using its winch system to try and pull this truck out of the water. It was no easy task for the JEEP since after further investigation, the truck happened to be a lifted Dodge Ram.

They did successfully recover the vehicle from the water at the boat ramp. We have not heard whether there has been significant damage to the vehicle, but one could certainly assume.

This is not the first time, and certainly won't be the last, that someone happens to lose control and their vehicle ends up in the Calcasieu River.

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